Dungeons & Dragons: Teen Group

08/26/23 @ 2:30pm –
08/26/23 @ 4:30pm

Conference Room

Case Memorial Library

Registration is required.

Go on adventures! Fight monsters! Save the world! Claim loot!

Dungeons & Dragons is a cooperative, storytelling tabletop roleplaying game where you and other players take on the roles of different characters within a fantasy story.

This program runs monthly. Drop-ins are welcome and strongly encouraged to bring a LEVEL 1 character sheet (in the event that a player does not have one, a premade character sheet will be provided). Minimal knowledge of D&D gameplay is required for this session. Note: 

Session 1: Thunderlock Barcrawl (CONTINUED) Players will use the characters they created in Session 0 (or a premade LEVEL 1 character) to go through an initiation quest for entry into an adventurers guild. This is a continuation of an adventure started previously. 

This event is funded by the Friends of the Library.