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Architect David Hoadley, who later became famous for his churches throughout the area, drew up the plans for the new meeting house and it is interesting to note that his bill for his service came to $825.

Other expenses for the construction of the new meeting house make interesting reading. The following is an account of the money expended in building the meeting house in North Milford:

To lumber & paints $510.96
To window glass 107.85
To timber bought of John P. Merwin 7.50
To John Bryan, for iron for one log 1.28
To court charges 2.47
To Gate fees 1.18
To Masons 21.00
To three casts of lime 7.84
To Joseph Stone Jr. for sundries 4.11
For nails 92.55
For 3833 feet of yellow pine plank 83.26
To Josiah Fowler for 3145 feet of oak boards at 7/ per hundred 38.24
To stone for underpinning 40.00
For raising the Meeting House 71.68
To Mr. Allen for sawing 4.98
To Capt. Newton for timber, Paid by Robert Treat 2.00
Robert Treat's bill 15.08
Benjamin Fenn's bill 14.00
Samuel Treat's bill 43.50
To John Hine for 529 feet of boards 5.29
To David Nettleton for sawing 2.06
To Ester Treat for sawn timber 1.36
To Samuel Buckingham Do. .87
For white lead and spanish white 1.64
To Asa Sperry for 179 feet of sawn timber at 7/6 per hund. 8.98
To Esther Treat for 1912 feet Do. at 3/6 per hund. 11.08
To Robert Treat for 400 feet Do. at 7/6 per hund. 5.00
To Enoch Clark Jr. for 200 ft. Do. at 5/6 per hund.1.84
To Samuel Treat and I. Woodruff for 3030 ft. at 3/6 per hund. 17.57
To John Hine for 524 feet at 7/6 per hund. 7.09
To Mr. Russell for sawing, Paid by Robert Treat 6.47 15.87
Jonathan Rogers bill 47.18
For long timber 33.00
Jesse Hodges bill .68
Mr. Lyon's bill 50.00
Mr. Hoadly's bill 825.00
Nathan Clark bill for boarding 3.25
Mr. Russell bill of sawing 1.89
Icabod A. Woodruff bill of timber paid by an order 12.11
Nathan Clark for boarding masons 3.25
By shingles sold 22.21
Glass left 19.02

Building of the Academy

The new meeting house was no sooner finished when the School Society decided to build the Academy. Another event at this time was the War of 1812 and again North Milford was represented. Six men, Enoch Clark, Nathan Merwin, Samuel Potter, Joseph Prudden, Benjamin Riggs and Jonathan Rogers all fought the British in this war.

The war did not deter the School Society however and in 1812 the Academy was built on the spot now occupied by the Board of Education (our former Town Hall). The Academy was a two-story building with cupola and was originally called the Winter School. Though records do not seem to exist, it is believed that the Academy was for older students and that a small tuition was charged. Old records of the School Society mention that attempts were made to procure appropriations for a "school of higher order," however, they were voted down, though there are references made to expenditures for the district schools.

The so-called winter schools began in mid-November and ran for four months. A man was employed as a teacher for the winter schools - probably because the teacher had to see that the fires were kept up for