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Charter members of the Volunteer Fire Association in 1926. First row, left to right, B. Clark, E. Scobie, J. Burns, H. Acthmeyer, G. Hine, J. Harvey, A. Hine, C. Neal, H. Brown, C. Hall, C. Stevens and G. Clark. Second row, E. Plummer, J. Beede, E. Sage, C. Judd, G. Curtis, C. Anderson, H. Grove, G. Johnson, H. Vaill, C. Howlett, J. Demarest, D. Page, W. Knight, R. Woodruff, C. Winkle, T. Crosby, W. Taylor, J. Clark, M. Clark, F. Hine, H. Nelson, J. Richitelli, W. Plummer, N. Boppert, C. Northrup, C. Clark. In the background is the old railroad station which was converted into a firehouse.