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The Orange Sesquicentennial Commemorative Book Committee: first row, left to right, Alton Mabry, Jr., Gregory Mulherin, Edward F. Hunihan, Mary L. Tracy and John P. Mattia. Second row, Julia Treat Wright, Helen Andrew Ewen, Raymond Cuzzocreo. Third row, Richard Mason, William Morris Brown, Edith Mabry and Howard Barnes Treat.

We wish to thank those who have made this book possible by the generous loan of their historical pictures, those who have given their time and thought in preparing the written material, and to everyone who has assisted in any way in the preparation of this book.

This page is respectfully dedicated to all persons, organizations, businesses, etc., that we have failed to include —
To err is human. . . . .
To forgive divine.

Edward F. Hunihan
General Chairman