Historical Addresses and Manual of the Church of Christ Congregational in Orange, Connecticut 1910

Digitized in 2007 and hosted by the Case Memorial Library
Meryl Farber, Director
Jonathan Wiener, Head of Technical Services
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Address of Welcome, by Deacon Stiles D. Woodruff5
One Hundred Years, by Rev. Benjamin M. Wright9
From the "Sisterhood," by Rev. N. J. Squires19
Letter by Rev. Henry T. Staats25
Address of Mr. Charles A. Baldwin, of New Haven29
Address by Judge C. R. Grant, of Akron, O.31
Paper by Miss Emilie C. Prudden37
Informal Address, Reminiscent and Prophetic by Rev. Henry W. Hunt41
1805-1905, Historical Address and Greeting of the Mother Church, Milford, Ct., to the Youngest Daughter, the Congregational Church, Orange, Ct., by the Pastor of the First Church, Milford, Ct., Rev. H. H. Morse47
Address: The Old-Time Meeting-House and the Old Church Customs of New England, by Rev. Joseph Anderson, D. D.55
Manual of The Church of Christ (Congregational) in Orange, Conn.79
List of Members89