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Reviewed: Jan 16, 2016
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Genre: Dystopian
Grade level: 7 and up


by Amy Tintera

Wren Connolly died when she was twelve years old. She woke up 178 minutes later as a Reboot. The longer a Reboot is dead, the stronger and less human she becomes when she returns — making Wren 178 the perfect weapon. Callum 22, on the other hand, is practically still human. He’s the worst trainee Wren has eer had, yet there is something about him that makes her feel alive. When Callum refuses to follow a direct order, Wren is commanded to eliminate him. She has never disobeyed before, but now she’ll do whatever it takes to save Callum’s life.

Read if you like: Divergent; Legend

Reviewed: Jan 16, 2016
Recommended by: Rebecca

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