Borrowing Policy


Any resident of Orange may become a borrower by providing proof of residence that includes name and Orange address, such as a driver’s license or a utility bill, along with a photo ID. Residents under the age of 18 without proof of residence and a photo ID must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who can provide those documents on their behalf. Cards are valid for three (3) years from the date of issue and may be used at other public libraries in Connecticut. Residents of other Connecticut towns must present a current library card from their home town library and a photo ID to register as borrowers. Upon registration, borrowers agree to comply with all library rules, promptly pay fines or bills, and give notice of change of address.


Item Type Loan Period Renewable? Reservable?
Express Books 14 days No No
New Adult Books 14 days Yes Yes
All Other Books 28 days Yes Yes
Express DVDs 3 days No No
All Other DVDs 7 days Yes Yes
Blu-Rays 7 days Yes Yes
CDs 14 days Yes Yes
Museum Passes 2 days No Up to one hour, same day
Magazines 7 days Yes Yes
Audiobooks 28 days Yes Yes
Playaways 28 days Yes Yes
E-readers 14 days No No
LION Library Items Determined by lending library Determined by lending library Determined by lending library
Interlibrary Loans Determined by lending library Determined by lending library N/A


Item Type Fines Per Day Maximum Fine
Express Books No fines  —
New Adult Books No fines  —
All Other Books No fines  —
Express DVDs $1.00 per day $5.00
All Other DVDs $1.00 per day $5.00
Blu-Rays $1.00 per day $5.00
CDs $.10 per day $5.00
Museum Passes $2.00 per day No maximum
Magazines No fines  —
Audiobooks No fines  —
Playaways No fines  —
E-readers $5.00 per day No maximum
LION Library Items Determined by lending library Determined by lending library
Interlibrary Loans Determined by lending library Determined by lending library


The following items are limited to six (6) at a time per borrower:

  • Any combination of Express DVDs, other DVDs, and Blu-Rays
  • Audiobooks


Items borrowed from the Case Memorial Library may be renewed once, with some exceptions as noted above. Renewals may be made in person, by telephone, or online, by borrowers whose account is in good standing. Renewals are unavailable for borrowers whose library cards have expired, who have outstanding bills, or who have fines in excess of $25.00. Renewals are unavailable on items that have been reserved by other borrowers.


A borrower should present his or her own card whenever materials are checked out. Borrowers are responsible for all materials borrowed on their library cards. If a borrowed item is returned late a fine will be generated at the time of return. The maximum fine for each overdue item is $5.00, except as noted.

Most items borrowed from the Case Memorial Library can be returned to any public library in Connecticut. Items will be shipped back to the Case Memorial Library through Connecticar, a statewide delivery system. Items received through Connecticar will be checked in to the date they were returned by the borrower, as indicated on the return slip. Express books and express DVDs must be returned directly to the Case Memorial Library and are clearly marked as such. Express materials that are returned to any other library through the Connecticar system will accrue overdue fines until the items is received at the Case Memorial Library.

If borrowed items are lost or returned damaged and no longer suitable for loan, borrowers are required to pay the original price. If a lost or damaged item is part of a set, borrowers may be required to pay the original price for the set.


The Case Memorial Library does not mail overdue notices. Borrowers may sign up for email notification, which will provide a reminder notice when items are due back to the Library shortly. Borrowers assume responsibility for returning their items by the due date. Fines are generated automatically for overdue items upon return.

A bill for the original price of an item will be mailed to borrowers approximately 21 days after the item is due. Borrowers may return long overdue items to the Library in lieu of full payment.


Borrowers are expected to pay overdue fines when they have fines in excess of $25.00. Fines may be paid in cash, by check or money order made payable to the Case Memorial Library, or online.

Borrowers who receive a bill for a long overdue item should return the item or make payment upon receipt of the bill. Bills may be paid in cash, by check or money order made payable to the Case Memorial Library Gift Fund, or online. The Library does not accept replacement items in lieu of payment for lost or damaged materials.


Borrowing privileges will be suspended for borrowers who have fines in excess of $25.00 or items billed on their library account. Privileges will be suspended until payment is made or the billed item is returned.

The Library Director and other designated staff may waive fines, fees, or suspensions at their discretion.

Borrowers who wish to register a complaint about fines, fees, or suspensions must submit a written, signed request to the Library Director for review and response. If the issue is not resolved in discussion with the Library Director, the matter may be referred to the Library Commission.